Flatford Day 1

//Flatford Day 1

Flatford Day 1

Wednesday 20th March

We’ve had a great but exhausting day! Had a lovely walk around Dedham, the children have all decided they want to move there because apparently it’s gorgeous. Had the chaos of trying to make the beds – a new skill lots of kids can now do, so let them practise at home! One group went on their compass orienteering activity and thoroughly enjoyed the competitive nature of it, and the other group looked at trying to land a rocket on Mars. Some great explorers and investigators in Mole class. Sadly this evening we couldn’t do the star gazing because the clouds were too covered. We went on a Night time nature walk instead and explored our senses (one group was definitely noisier than the other!). One group saw a huge family of frogs leaping their way across the path back to the pond. Then the sky cleared slightly so we got to see the full moon through a telescope. It’s been a fun-filled day, and we’re all exhausted. We’re hoping for everyone to be asleep by 10pm. We will soon see what happens!!

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