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Wider Curriculum

Our staff continually work together to ensure that the children are being given a living, evolving curriculum to prepare them as fully as we can for life in the 21st Century, and inspire them to be keen learners.  Please see some of our exciting events in the Gallery.

We achieve this through:

We enjoy inviting parents in for special assemblies. These include:

  • Harvest
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Leavers’ Assembly

Parents are invited to a Christmas Nativity (Key Stage 1) and a Christmas Celebration (Key Stage 2).

Year 2 take part in the Infant Music Festival and then puts on a school version of the production with the rest of KS1 for parents.

Key Stage 2 put on a summer production.

Peripatetic Lessons available during school that are run by outer school agencies are:

  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Keyboard
  • Brass/Woodwind lessons
  • Stave House – Singing/Violins/Piano

Payment for these is made direct to the organisation. Should your child wish to take up any of these peripatetic music lessons please let the office know ASAP.

At Great Leighs Primary School we offer a range of clubs, run by either school staff or outside agencies.  For full details, please click here.

We also offer:

  • Breakfast Club Monday to Friday 7.45am – 8.30am at £3.00 per session
  • Stay ‘n’ Play after school Monday to Friday 3.10pm – 6.00pm at £9.00 per session

Other Clubs available before or after school run by outer school agencies are:

  • FOGLS Gymnastics KS1 and KS2 – Thursday after school
  • Chris Finch Football Years 2 & 3 – Wednesday morning before school / Years 4, 5 & 6 Friday morning before school
  • Chris Finch Tag Rugby Year 5 & 6 – Thursday morning before school
  • Brogan’s School of Dance – Wednesday after school from 5pm

Peripatetic Lessons available during school that are run by outer school agencies are:

  • Guitar – Wednesday
  • Drums – Thursday & Friday
  • Keyboard – Tuesday
  • Brass/Woodwind – Friday
  • Stave House – Singing/Violin/Piano – Tuesday & Thursday

Payment for these is made direct to the organisation.

Should your child wish to take up any of these peripatetic music lessons please let the office know ASAP.

At Key Stage 1 each class is given at least half a term of one afternoon a week of Forest School. In this time the children walk to our local woods and explore the world around them. Whilst there they are taught a variety of skills, but most importantly are given the opportunity for exploration, problem solving and working in groups of their own choice. We have wet weather gear but the children are expected to bring in old clothes, their own coats and wellington boots for these sessions. We always need parent helpers for these sessions – who also have great fun!

Please click here for more information in our Forest School manual.

The Chelmer Primary Cluster is a consortium of nine local Primary schools; Boreham, Broomfield, Ford End, Great Waltham, Little Waltham, Newland Spring, Parkwood Academy and St Pius X. Together with Chelmer Valley High School the consortium form The River Chelmer Partnership. Headteachers of each establishment meet together each half term, as do their deputies, to discuss and share ideas on new government initiatives as well as leading school improvement, particularly in teaching and learning. As a whole group we hold an annual 2 day Cluster Conference in Aldeburgh which is invaluable in sharing ideas, research and current educational thinking as well as planning strategically together. This has included ways to support and enhance the Chelmsford Schools Teaching Alliance, to which we all belong.

The cluster of schools has been subdivided into ‘Trios’ – where leaders of three schools meet together more frequently to support and evaluate practise and share successful strategies for school improvement – including staff visiting different schools. Great Leighs works with Ford End and Boreham.

Key subject leaders from each school meet each term to share and develop ideas and monitor their subjects across the schools.

The children from the cluster of schools benefit from our work in many ways as we implement successful practice where appropriate in our schools. In addition the cluster of schools provide a selection of enrichment days where a couple of children from each school meet for specific learning in one school who hosts the event. These days include: art and design, dance, Level 6 literacy and numeracy, Forest School, graphic design using ICT, drama, Shakespeare and design technology. These days culminate in a Cluster Quiz which takes place at the end of the academic year.

Currently we offer a short 3 day/2 night residential trip in Years 5 and 6. We hope all children will go on these trips which help develop independence and confidence. In line with guidance from both the Department of Education and Essex County Council, the School will levy a charge for accommodation unless parents are in receipt of certain benefits (details from the School Office). To help in budgeting, the School arranges a payment card system to enable the costs to be paid in instalments.

Mole Class are heading to Flatford Mill in March and Owl Class are due to visit Stubbers Activity and Adventure Centre in July.

In order to enhance and enrich children’s learning, we organise school visits which can either be trips out of school or visits to the school.  These are invaluable for capturing children’s imagination and bringing their learning to life.

The school is a community in which we encourage traditional values of courtesy and respect for one another. We encourage children to take a pride in caring for their environment and to value each other as individuals with respect for one another’s rights and property. Where children need a greater degree of support and control, we work in partnership with parents to find solutions and suitable strategies for improvement. Bullying and harassment are regarded as totally unacceptable and, even though instances are rare, we are constantly vigilant to ensure that behaviour is always of a high standard.

Community Links

At Great Leighs School we are pleased to have established strong and varied links throughout the community.

  • River Chelmer Partnership: This is a consortium of nine Primary schools and Chelmer Valley High School. The senior staff of each establishment meets on a regular basis and a variety of activities and opportunities are organised amongst these schools.
  • We maintain good links with all local Secondary schools, meeting with their staff before and after the annual transfer of our Year Six pupils. We also accommodate students from local Secondary schools on Project Trident work experience.
  • Great and Little Leighs Nursery Group: We have established a close relationship with the staff at the Nursery Group. The Headteacher and Foundation Stage teacher visit the Nursery as part of our induction process.
  • Parent Volunteers: We are always keen to welcome parent volunteers into the school who help us in a variety of ways. The invaluable support provided enables us to extend the variety of experiences and support that we can offer groups of children.
  • Village Links: Whenever possible we promote links in the immediate community such as Carol Singing at the Church, helping with the village clean up, holding a MacMillan Coffee Morning.
  • Students: We have established links with local training providers and regularly offer placements to students as part of their training.
  • Charities: Each year the school supports local, national and international charities.

As Great Leighs is a relatively small community in a rural area, an effort is made to help our pupils understand the wider world around them. This is done in a variety of ways including:

  • Promoting a curriculum which looks at different cultures, countries, environments, climate
  • Making contrasts between Great Leighs and Dedham Vale through the Year 5 Residential Visit
  • Using assemblies to study the needs of different geographical areas particularly following disasters e.g. Typhoon in the Philippines Christmas 2013, flooding in England February 2014
  • Welcoming visitors to educate our pupils in how different needs are addressed in children/adults e.g. guide dogs for the blind, dyspraxia
  • Linking with a school in Nepal developing a greater understanding of children’s lives in a different continent
  • Celebrating different religious festivals through multicultural assemblies
  • Studying the local areas of Great Leighs, Braintree and Chelmsford and significant industries/events established in these areas